Friday, 21 October 2011


Anna and I have made it our aim to go to the market twice a week. It's working out very nicely indeed.
Today we got a whole load of some amazing kodacolour photos, all of a gay couples travels around the world. 

Just a small selection. 

We have also been finding some amazing books. Here are just a few:

Really beautifully illustrated by Kathleen Elgin. Maybe some inside spreads to follow up on this one.

Apparently THE book on the sea shore. What lovely colours, what a lovely print.

Dean the Owl gives us all some brain teasers.

Super book about...Ducks and Geese.

We have also been buying lots of items, I can't currently take any nice photographs so to make do for now I scanned in a few threads and some client form paper that I got today. This doesn't even touch the surface of the sweet haul, got by all.